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The Daily Sucker - Current examples of bad web design

The Daily Sucker

Sites featured in articles like Worst Websites of 2010 often are redesigned, which explains why some sites mentioned in my articles don't match their current look. The Daily Sucker features current examples of bad web design which haven't been fixed (yet).

If you see a site that you think sucks, email the URL to me. No personal pages (personal pages are supposed to reflect the individual's personality and artistic freedom) or web site designers (it would look like a conflict of interest), or others of their ilk.

If I think there's some merit to your selection, I may post it along with some commentary. If you know of a site that qualifies, let me know.

Enritec – An Example of Bad Web Design for April 24, 2013

April 24th, 2013 1:01 am by Vincent Flanders

The Daily Sucker - an example of bad web design

Submitter’s comments: I found this true gem, which works fine when Flash is blocked -looks like the no-flash section is not as bad, but unfortunately you do not get to choose: If flash is working, you get the flash version. there is not even a link to the non-flash site, although it would not have been a big deal.

The website otherwise not only seems to be completely Flash-based, but also features a huge intro video (without any content), Mystery Meat Navigation (animated with flying items, no less) and, according to my tests, it does not work in Firefox, does not work in Opera and does not work in Safari. In these browsers you only get an image preloader, an then a not-changing more or less empty Flash site.

The only browser to show the whole animation site on my computer without errors was Google Chrome, but I suppose IE should do the trick.

Vincent Flanders’ comments: You’re right. It’s a gem of an example of bad web design because there is very little right with it. We have Flash Used Badly. Very. Badly. We also have Mystery Meat Navigation (MMN) in it’s worst form (OK, this page has the worst MMN).

Yes, there’s a link to a sitemap at the bottom of the home page. Guess what? It’s hard to read because there’s not enough contrast—the text color is #A7A9AC.

I’m guessing the submitter is using a Mac because the site is viewable—which doesn’t mean usable—on my Windows machine using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE7 and IE10. The folks administering the site apparently don’t have a clue about DNS or redirection. If you leave off the “www” and just type enritec.com, you can’t get to the site—which may not be a bad thing.


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