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the matrix sucks a lot

It's perfectly OK for music, movie, art, experimental, and personal sites to use whatever type of navigation they want because they're interested in being cool/trendy or whatever the current term may be. They're really not interested in selling products or disseminating information — or they wouldn't use MMN. Just because these sites are "permitted" to use MMN, doesn't mean that you should.

A Perfect Circle

this site sucks

It's a band site and as I've always said, band sites don't have to make sense or be usable — even when they're selling products. It's the nature of band sites to be extreme and nonsensical — a 354,574 byte home page is certainly nonsensical.

It's well-done, but so what?

A Perfect Circle

Davide Cernuschi

Art sucks when it's pretentious

Just because you’re a great photographer doesn’t mean you have a license to use Mystery Meat Navigation—or any other stupid technique. Yes, I know you’re an artiste, but c’mon. This is pretentious crap.

Other comments #1: Mystery Meat navigation that isn't consistent gets another -10 points in my book. First you have to figure out that the central bar has actual links between the BLACK vertical lines but not between the GRAY vertical lines. Then, almost all the links cause a teeny tiny photo to appear when you hover over them -- _except_ for the last two on the right, "biography" and "contact." Those are blank. Not only is this mysterious, it's annoying ("Is this thing WORKING?")

Davide Cernuschi

Rush of Blood to the Head

they need blood going to their head

Submitter's comments: I think I have found, possibly, one of the worst web sites on the internet.

This isn't your standard Geocities homepage effort. If it were, it would be half-excusable. In fact, it is almost expected that these web sites are of a poor quality institutions as it were, like burgers in America and the Queen over here. After all, does it really matter if sites documenting the 1995 fishing trip with Uncle Mike, or the entire episode guide to the Simpsons, are impeccably designed? Of course not.

It does however, become slightly worrying when one of the most successful British bands in recent days, Coldplay, releases such a terrifyingly shocking web site to document their pivotal new album.

Note: You have to hover over the tiny polygons to navigate it is up to you to find which polygons are actually navigation buttons. Tip, use the Tab key on the keyboard!

Could this be the most laughable and dumb-founded, yet irritatingly hopeless use of Mystery Meat Navigation out there on the world wide web? I d like to think so if there were anything worse than this, I would seriously begin to consider counseling.

There is so much wrong with this web site it's untrue. Of course, the web site doesn't validate as valid HTML of any sorts either.

You may think I am being a tad over the top and curiously obsessive in my views towards this web site. Maybe I am, however in my eyes, the web site is almost completely unusable contradictory to the Geocities homepages I mentioned earlier, most of which are perfectly useable. May I inform you that the A Rush Of Blood To The web site was promoted on television adverts, posters, publicity campaigns and on the CD album.

It infuriates me that such a web site can actually be put live, without someone thinking "Wait a minute, the arty-head thing looks good on the web site but how the hell do users actually find the content!?"

Vincent Flanders' comments: The problem is this site uses certain bad web design techniques that could creep into everyday business web sites. The site is for a band called Coldplay as a promotion for one of their albums.

I can't really argue except to say that the site was...shudder..."designed for its audience."

"Well, Vincent, if that's the case, why even mention the site?" Because, I swear to God, some major corporation will use something equally stupid on their site. Oh, they did already and they came and went — Qualcomm.

Rush of Blood to the Head
Because it's so hard to figure out where the links are, here's a cheat sheet

Studio Jan Melis

Studio Jan melis sucks

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It's an art site, but we need to stop promoting these techniques. The good news is the "bubbles" don't make bubble sounds (I remember hearing them on some site from the past).

Stop it already.

Studio Jan Melis

Fight Club

fight club sucks

As the person who suggested the site stated: "I'm not sure what they are trying to prove here, but it doesn't convince me to go see the movie."

The site is down (the movie is from 1999). saved a copy.

Fight Club = MMN.

The Matrix

the matrix sucks

A very successful movie has a very MMN system. By the way, is there any movie Web site (besides Blair Witch Project) that's worth the time to visit? I've never seen better looking sites that had no content.

The site is long gone, but tried to grab a copy.Like so many sites they try to capture, they do a very lousy job.

The Matrix - original URL was