Worst Websites of 2012: Overview

These links will take you to the worst websites of 2012

After 18 years of writing about bad web design, you would think that people would know enough to stop. There are enough good books, templates and web design firms out there that you would think companies and organizations would have stumbled over at least one of them and fixed their site.

Nope. I guess I'm too much of an optimist <grin>.

The Final List of Worst Websites

bad websites are like throwing upWorst Websites of 2012 These sites signify a new low. There's the obligatory WTF (What The Heck) #1, but choice #2 is very educational and you'll learn a lot by looking at what's wrong. We also have a number of sites with serious navigational issues. Navigation is important because if they can't find it, then it doesn't exist and your visitors will leave.

bad web design makes you want to bargWorst Websites of 2012: They Should Know Better These websites are not your usual mom-and-pop operations. Each of them has flaws that are, to the say the least, surprising. Some of the big ones: iTunes Preview, Rice University School of Architecture and Pinterest.

a bad website makes you sickWorst Websites of 2012: Beyond The Pale If Jesus saw these websites, he wouldn't weep. You have to have eyes that aren't burned out of your skull to be able to weep.

The Contenders for The Worst Website of 2012

bad websites are like a sinking shipWorst Websites of 2012: January to March Contenders We have an interesting bunch of contenders, including at least one site guaranteed to make the top 10. We also have Pinterest—one of the hot, hot, hot websites, and it's popular with women in the 18-45 age bracket.

bad websites are like explosionsWorst Websites of 2012: April to August Contenders Constellation 7 and its eight sibling sites are so horrific that they may end up in their own category—Websites Even Jesus Couldn't Heal (they are religious-oriented websites—I think).

bad websites are like explosionsWorst Websites of 2012: September to December Contenders I whittled the list of candidates down to 14 "winners." I'm now faced with the unpleasant task of going over the previous eight month's worth of garbage and come up with my lists of the Worst Websites of 2012. Pray for my sanity.