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Shouldn't Web Optimization Companies Own Sites Be Optimized? — There are lots of companies offering to improve your page load times so I said to myself, "Gee. I wonder how well their sites perform?"

Why You Can't Use Music On Your Website — It always amazes me that people think they have the legal right to put music files on their websites.

GodHatesFags.com is the future of web design — The future of web design is troublesome and this website shows why.

How to Write Bullshit Article Titles That Sound Profound And Get Readers — I'm really, really, really tired of all these formulaic headlines for articles you see on design sites. If you don't know the formula, I'm going to give it to you:

Don't Confuse Web Design With Sex — It's my opinion that web designers are confusing the web world with the real world. In the real world, foreplay is mandatory.

What Would Zatoichi—The Blind Swordsman—Do About Bad Web Design?—Seriously, you can learn a lot about web design from a blind samurai warrior.

Everything You Need to Know About Web Design My Father Taught Me in 1964 — "There are two types of websites. There are those websites you date, like 'The Data Was Lost Collective...'

Google Is god, Don't Upset Her — ...the most powerful Internet force known to God and man visits your web pages and looks at them just like blind people and folks who use Lynx look at them — Google.

Chairs Are For Sitting. PDF is For Printing — too many people forget that "PDF is for printing" and are incorrectly using the Adobe Acrobat PDF format as an HTML tool.

Flash Is Evil. Flash Is Good. Flash is a just another tool.

When Good Flash Goes Bad. Know how to use Flash.

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