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The Daily Sucker - Current examples of bad web design

The Daily Sucker

Sites featured in articles like Worst Websites of 2010 often are redesigned, which explains why some sites mentioned in my articles don't match their current look. The Daily Sucker features current examples of bad web design which haven't been fixed (yet).

If you see a site that you think sucks, email the URL to me. No personal pages (personal pages are supposed to reflect the individual's personality and artistic freedom) or web site designers (it would look like a conflict of interest), or others of their ilk.

If I think there's some merit to your selection, I may post it along with some commentary. If you know of a site that qualifies, let me know.

Pulcinella Restaurant – An Example of Bad Web Design for March 19, 2013

March 19th, 2013 7:07 am by Vincent Flanders

The Daily Sucker

Submitter’s comments: I look at a LOT of restaurant websites for my area. They have improved over the years. Most of them eventually realized that Flash animation and splash pages don’t work for them. But then I found Pulcinella.

It makes me weep because this website was launched a couple of months ago, but still features Mystery Meat Navigation in the form of the chevrons at the edge of the screen. To find the map showing their location, you need to select “Explore” and then “Location” because “Map” would be too obvious.

But they like it that way. In the News tab (also under “Explore”), I found this statement: “Our new site exemplifies the modern nature of our establishment with simple, but powerful designs. Customers can explore our delicious menu, make a reservation and view news and details about Pulcinella’s upcoming events. We’re the same great restaurant, with a fresh new online experience. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

I am especially in love with the way that you can’t read the word “Menu” if you should happen to mouse over the left side chevron. It just says “Me”. Kind of sums it up.

I know that there are websites that suck worse, but really, a restaurant website isn’t that complicated. You’d think it would be easy to get it right.

Vincent Flanders’ comments: Personally, I hate the navigation. The last link I would ever click is “Explore” because I just know it’s going to be something silly. A page will load with a treasure map or something else equally stupid. Surprise. It brings out the menu bar that should be at the top of the page. Navigation is like listening to a joke. If you have to think about it to make it work, then it’s failed.

Pulcinella Restaurant

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