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A bad websiteWorst Websites of 2012: September to December Contenders

I'm always, always, always amazed by the bad design that's on the web. Many of us assume it's the fault of the web designers. Sometimes, that's true—especially if the owner of the site is also doubling as the designer. However, a lot of the fault lies with the client. Here's an interesting email I received:

Imagine my chagrin when my client just sent this (horrifically overdone and overly colorful) website to me with the comment… 'Love, love, love this site. I want something JUST like it.' Heavy sigh

It may not always be the designer's fault that the following sites suck but, then again, they still suck.

Note: If you want to know why a particular site sucks, click the "Reasons this site sucks" link; otherwise, click the graphic or click the link that's the name of the company/organization to visit the site and see for yourself. This year, I'm trying for a minimalist look <grin>.


A bad website

#3 Worst Websites of 2012

Cardiff Contemporary

A bad website

#16. Worst Websites of 2012

The Bombshell Manual of Style

A bad website

#4. Worst Websites of 2012

Tie: Cloud 9 Walkers and Colorado Ranger Horse Association

Cloud 9 Walkers

A bad website

Colorado Ranger Horse Association

A bad website

Tie for #19. Worst Websites of 2012

Oscar Bruch

A bad website

#11. Worst Websites of 2012

Rhode Island College Campus Store

A bad website

#7. Worst Websites of 2012

Rice University School of Architecture

A bad website

#4. Worst Websites of 2012: They Should Know Better