Worst Websites of 2013: Overview

These links will take you to the worst websites of 2012

Here they are. Another year, another 25 sites that make you ask questions like, "WTF?" and "WTF is going on here?"

The Final List of Worst Websites

Bad bad websites from 200625 Worst Websites of 2013 Of course, HealthCare.gov tops the list for obvious reasons, but we also have a branch of MIT screwing up big time.

Contenders for The Worst Website of 2013

bad websites are like explosionsWorst Websites of 2013 Contenders: January through June Constellation 7 and its eight sibling sites are so horrific that they may end up in their own category—Websites Even Jesus Couldn't Heal (they are religious-oriented websites—I think).

bad websites are like a sinking shipWorst Websites of 2013 Contenders: July through December Well we only had six sites that didn't make the 25 Worst Websites of 2013. They're pretty awful.