Worst Websites of 2013 Contenders: July through December

Contenders for worst website of 2013

An awful lot of websites that made up this second contenders' list ended up making The 25 Worst Websites of 2013:

  • HealthCare.gov
  • DS+R
  • John Procario
  • Touch of Modern
  • HollisWealth
  • Mimarch
  • 1927 Events
  • Hugh Jass Burgers
  • Why Japanese Web Design Is So…Different
  • Goetz Theatre Show Times
  • Bombshell 201X
  • Cosmology

10. Flip-Universum

The Flip-Universum website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: I received a newsletter about all these cool new websites. As soon as I see words like “cool” or any other superlative like “amazing” or “inspirational” I know I'm going to find Daily Sucker material.

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Flip-Universum (site)

12. Who Killed JFK?

Who killed JFK

Submitter's comments:What could be worse than having 350+ primary links on your home page?
Putting up a graphic of the president that covers up twenty of them!

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Who Killed JFK? (site)

15. Killtown's 9/11 Coincidences

The Killtown website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: The United States is coming up on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I figured there would be at least one website on this topic that would be over-the-top.

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Killtown's 9/11 Coincidences (site)

16. Comissao Coordenadora das Festas do Município da Moita

This website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: This site proves you don't have to speak English to create a sucky website.

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Comissao Coordenadora das Festas do Município da Moita (site)

17. Cosmic Wimpout

The Cosmic Wimpout website sucks

Submitter's comments: The site is often unreadable, has links that go nowhere, and other things that I find disturbing, such as an order history that has alternating colors in the rows, and the text matches one of the background colors.

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Cosmic Wimpout (site)

18. Rudgwick Steam & Country Show

The Rudgwick Steam & Country Show website sucks

Submitter's comments: It's got everything: marquee-like tags, embedded media, crammed in info, etc.

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Rudgwick Steam & Country Show (site)