Worst Websites of 2013 Contenders: July through December

Contenders for worst website of 2013

I'm going to try something a bit different. Each entry will have a minimal explanation and a link to where it appeared as a Daily Sucker with the associated commentary and, of course, a link to the website.

1. HealthCare.gov

This is the worst website of 2013

Vincent Flanders' comments: Unless some website comes along that redefines "suck," HealthCare.gov will end up as the Worst Website of 2013. You don't create a website that is this important to peoples' lives and have it mess up like this. Shame on the people who originally put this together. Shame on you.

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HealthCare.gov (site)

2. DS+R

The DS+R website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: This site is so horrible that my mind feels like it was in a Cheech and Chong movie. Flash is dead. Mystery Meat Navigation is dead (or so I thought). There are no redeeming features to this site unless you have terminal ADD.

Daily Sucker Discussion

DS+R (site)

3. John Procario

The website for John Procario sucks

Submitter's comments: I'm not given to hyperbole but even so, this is unquestionably the worst website in the entire solar system. What the hell is this?

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John Procario (site)

4. Touch of Modern

The Touch of Modern website sucks

Submitter's comments: This is INEXCUSABLE for a website to do this, and there's no way to opt out of this to view the site. And no, I didn't enter my E-mail address. Just WHO signed off on this, anyway?

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Touch of Modern (site)

5. HollisWealth

The HollisWealth website sucks

Submitter's comments: Mystery Meat Navigation (MMN) gone mad. Took me about 5 minutes to find where this newly named financial service is located. Turns out it is in Toronto. You would think that, with all their money, they could do better. Less Flash and more information please.

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HollisWealth (site)

6. Mimarch

The Mimarch website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments:  I love this site because it belongs to an architectural / engineering company. We all know how much architectural websites suck.

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Mimarch (site)

7. 1927 Events

1927 Events

Submitter's comments: Flash may be dead, but its legacy of suck lives on in HTML 5.

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1927 Events (site)

8. Hugh Jass Burgers

The Hugh Jass Burgers website sucks

Submitter's comments: …During an idle moment at work, and just out of curiosity, I looked ‘em up online…and saw that their website sucks in more ways than one.  For starters, why open the rest of the site in a new window?  Makes no sense to me.

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Hugh Jass Burgers (site)

9. Why Japanese Web Design Is So…Different

This is an outside article

Vincent Flanders' comments: Well, the article didn't exactly say “suck.” They don't have to.

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Why Japanese Web Design Is So…Different (site)

10. Flip-Universum

The Flip-Universum website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: I received a newsletter about all these cool new websites. As soon as I see words like “cool” or any other superlative like “amazing” or “inspirational” I know I'm going to find Daily Sucker material.

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Flip-Universum (site)

11. Goetz Theatre Show Times

the Goetz Theater website sucks

Submitter's comments: This horrific theater site makes my eyes bleed!

Daily Sucker Discussion

Goetz Theatre Show Times (site)

12. Who Killed JFK?

Who killed JFK

Submitter's comments:What could be worse than having 350+ primary links on your home page?
Putting up a graphic of the president that covers up twenty of them!

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Who Killed JFK? (site)

13. Bath Magic

The Bath Magic website sucks

Submitter's comments: Got an ugly tub – er, website?

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Bath Magic (site)

14. Bombshell 201X

the Bombshell 201X website sucks

Submitter's comments: Not only is the writer a (two pejorative modifiers and one pejorative noun deleted ), but the website uses frames and is borderline unusable on my laptop's 1366×768 display. That and this website was made EARLIER THIS YEAR! What over-the-top crap.

Daily Sucker Discussion

Bombshell 201X (site)

15. Killtown's 9/11 Coincidences

The Killtown website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: The United States is coming up on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I figured there would be at least one website on this topic that would be over-the-top.

Daily Sucker Discussion

Killtown's 9/11 Coincidences (site)

16. Comissao Coordenadora das Festas do Município da Moita

This website sucks

Vincent Flanders' comments: This site proves you don't have to speak English to create a sucky website.

Daily Sucker Discussion

Comissao Coordenadora das Festas do Município da Moita (site)

17. Cosmic Wimpout

The Cosmic Wimpout website sucks

Submitter's comments: The site is often unreadable, has links that go nowhere, and other things that I find disturbing, such as an order history that has alternating colors in the rows, and the text matches one of the background colors.

Daily Sucker Discussion

Cosmic Wimpout (site)

18. Rudgwick Steam & Country Show

The Rudgwick Steam & Country Show website sucks

Submitter's comments: It's got everything: marquee-like tags, embedded media, crammed in info, etc.

Daily Sucker Discussion

Rudgwick Steam & Country Show (site)

19. Cosmology

The Cosmology website sucks

Submitter's comments: “Astrobiology – Quantum Physics – Origins – Evolution – Metamorphosis – Extinction,” but not any design sense. Now we know where all the beveled edges and using tables for page layout went to die. I think this purports to be a science publication.

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Cosmology (site)