Trent Lott Parody

I'm not terribly fond of any politician -- regardless of party. When Senator Majority Leader Trent Lott made some racially insensitive remarks (in 2002?) -- first caught by the blogging community -- he knew he was in trouble and...well here's what I originally said when the scandal broke:

How low will a politician go to keep his job?

I saw US Senator Trent Lott interviewed on the Black Entertainment Network and was stunned at what he said. I know politicians will say anything, but this was so out of his perceived character that I was embarrassed. I felt sorry for Trent Lott, former college cheerleader. I thought, "How far would Trent go to keep his job?" The answer is on the Web page I created that's a parody of his real (at the time) home page..

If anybody needs a makeover, both Web-wise and politically, it's Senator Trent Lott (my large international audience will have to bear with me -- this is "an American thing.").

I had an inspiration and talked Graphic Guru -- and co-author of "Web Pages That Suck" -- Michael Willis to whip up a page that will get across that Senator Lott is sensitive to minorities. I present to you the new and improved Home Page for Senator Trent Lott. (new window)