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Fixing and Preventing
Web Pages That Suck

Learn good design
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This Site Over-uses JavaScript

Some folks are naive enough to believe that this splash page is a serious piece of Web design. Uh...No, it's not. What I tried to do was incorporate as much bad design on one page as I possibly could starting with the DHTML curtain that introduces the page. If you move your mouse over certain images (blinking text, animated image, the sound image, the Other Stuff image, etc.), you'll get some explanations about sucky Web design techniques. If you click on the "Click Here" button, you'll get the scare of a lifetime. I'd also like to add that it's not a really good idea to use multiple-colored text as I did in "This Site Over-Uses JavaScript" and it's not really good to make the text you're currently reading so small. Finally, this page is too long for a splash page. For more information about the site design, go here.

I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.

Vincent Flanders