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Looking for a speaker who will entertain while educating your audience?

Speeches and Consulting. (new site -- FYWS)

The Daily Sucker -- What's New in Bad Design

daily sucker

I couldn't predict every new sucky design technique that would come along when I wrote my books because there's always a new way to do something bad.

What's New in Bad Design -- The Daily Sucker

You Think These 11 Sites Suck

You think it sucks

(New sites added December 10)

I can't always use every sucky site suggestion I receive. Here are some you think suck.

You Think These Sites Suck

The Two-Minute Offense

2 minute offense

Match Wits With the Wit of Web Design Usability and Develop Your Critical Eye With Vincent Flanders' Two-Minute Offense

Try it, you'll like it. It's a great classroom exercise. (new site -- FYWS)

Fixing Your™ Web Site

fixing your web site

Learn how to fix the problems that you have on your Web site. (new site -- FYWS)

Mystery Meat Navigation

Currently, this is the most evil form of navigation in existence. (new site -- FYWS)

Fixing Your™ Web Site
Using a Free Site Survey

Get a Free 10-page scan. (new site -- FYWS)

Fixing Your™ Web Site
with Dr. HTML

If I remember correctly, you can check up to five individual pages so give it a try. (new site -- FYWS)

Original Web Pages That Suck

kill sucky pages

This is what originally made WPTS famous.

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My Book Has More Suck for the Buck!

son of web pages that suck

More Suck for the Buck!

Read about the best-selling Web design book that won't bore you to death. A look at the back cover should convince you it's not boring. More Suck for the Buck!

Free, Printable Chapter of Son of Web Pages That Suck

It's a  3.3Mb PDF file. On certain systems it looks like nothing is happening. You'll have to wait until the whole file loads -- it could take a while. The alternative is to right click the link and save it to your hard disk.

Here's a free tip: Your links should never be as long as the one above.

Books That Don't Suck

Here are some books that I think don't suck. (new site -- FYWS)



Here are items that don't neatly fit elsewhere.


What seems obvious to me, isn't obvious to everybody else. Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive here at WPTS.


One of the questions I always get is, "Why can't I find your e-mail. Well. Here's my e-mail address.


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