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The Daily Sucker shows current examples of bad design

Current Examples of Bad Web Design

I couldn't predict every new sucky design technique that would come along when I wrote my books. The Daily Sucker features current examples of sites that have accessibility, usability, and regular design problems including ugliness.

What's New in Bad Design -- The Daily Sucker

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2 minute offense

Match Wits With the Wit of Web Design Usability and Develop Your Critical Eye With Vincent Flanders' Two-Minute Offense

Try it, you'll like it. It's a great classroom exercise.

You think it sucks

You Think These 7 Sites Suck

(Updated March 10) I can't always use every sucky site suggestion I receive. Here are some you think suck.

You Think These 7 Sites Suck

My current book is Son of web pages that suck

The Book That Has More Suck for the Buck!

Read about the best-selling Web design book that won't bore you to death. A look at the back cover should convince you it's not boring. More Suck for the Buck!

Mystery Meat Navigation

Mystery Meat Navigation

The most evil form of navigation on the Web. It must be stopped (unless you're an art, music, band, or site that isn't into making money).

Original Web Pages That Suck Sucky Sites

kill sucky pages

This is what originally made WPTS famous.

Free, Printable Chapter of Son of Web Pages That Suck

It's a  3.3Mb PDF file. On certain systems it looks like nothing is happening. You'll have to wait until the whole file loads -- it could take a while. The alternative is to right click the link and save it to your hard disk.

Here's a free tip: Your links should never be as long as the one above.


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What seems obvious to me, isn't obvious to everybody else. Here are the most frequently asked questions I receive here at WPTS.


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