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There seems to be a place on the Internet where you can get Free Backgrounds That Suck. I'm sure it's located near the Free Clipart That Sucks Page and probably isn't too far away from the Library of Animated GIFs that Suck. Not only are these images horrible to look at, but many of them are large and take far too long to load. All these images were pulled from pages — really bad pages — created by high school kids. I don't know what it is about being a high school kid but although they're blessed with boundless enthusiasm, a willingness to experiment, and a refusal to be bound by convention, they're cursed because they can't translate this into designing good-looking personal web pages.

Originally I said, "I've yet to see a high school page that doesn't suck." Well, that was like putting money in front of a politician. I got all these high school kids saying their pages were great and, of course, some were. But the majority of them are not and my theory as to the lack of quality is these pages are personal pages and we all know personal pages are a form of self-expression that's meaningful only to the author, his family and friends, but to no one else.

In fact it was a class of high school kids who were one of the main inspirations for me to undertake this project. These kids came down from Northern California and I gave my speech called "Web Pages That Suck" and showed them all sorts of examples of bad design. Then these kids asked, "What about our pages?" I figured since they asked the question after viewing a truckload of sucky pages that none of their pages would suck. Well, I was wrong. They sucked like a tornado.

In fact, the mere act of seeing these pages changed my life forever. After this experience I vowed I would try my best to get people not to create pages that looked like theirs. To paraphrase Elwood Blues, "I'm on a mission from God."

Anyway, I digress. When it comes to background images (imagine the late, great comedian Sam Kinison yelling here) Ohhh! Ohhh! Don't use such horrible images for your backgrounds!

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