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Deleted Scenes from the Movie Son of Web Pages That Suck.

Not every scene that's shot in a movie ends up on the screen. A lot of great scenes end up on the cutting room floor. In the old days, you never got to see them, but with the advent of DVDs, movie producers are sticking on deleted scenes as a bonus to get people to buy the DVD.

It's the same with books -- not everything that is submitted makes the book. Books have a certain length and material occasionally has to be cut because the page count is exceeded. Sometimes, the material is repetitive. Instead of three examples, you give them one. Then there are times when the material just sucks.

I wanted to include this material on the books CD-ROM as an incentive to get people to buy the book. I thought people would be interested in seeing what doesn't make a book. Well, here are some selected chapters.


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