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The Mother of All Lists

If you only went to one page, this is the page. If you just picked the three check-marked items, you could get to almost anywhere on the Internet. If you want to free-form surf, go here.

The Rookie Corner

Just what it says. Learn about the Internet.

HomeWork Research (Education)

This includes sections for K-8 grades, High School Students, and College Students.

The Other Education section also contains a wide variety of information and covers the following topics:

Arts and Humanities
Art Galleries
Atmospheric Sciences
Environmental Issues
Language and Linguistics
Libraries and Reference
Literature and Poetry
Native American Studies
News and Newspapers
Phone Numbers
Postal Info
Presidential Libraries
Space and Flight
Virtual Reality

Also, don't forget to check out The Mother of All Lists for research suggestion. The WWW Virtual Library is another great spot to start your research efforts..

Cool Stuff

Cool is a matter of taste, but since Lightspeed Technologies is the coolest place in the world to work, we are well qualified to present a small sampling of the cool stuff to be found on the Internet.

Lightspeed Software

The following information is available: Marketing info - Tech Support department - info about the coolest software company in America - and the latest issue of the Lightspeed Link Newsletter.

What's Going on in Bakersfield — News, Weather and Sports

If you woke up in Bakersfield and wanted to know what was going on here and the world, well you'd go here.

What's New

What's new on the Internet and on this server.


The following topics are presented: Corporations, General Business, Jobs and Careers, Legal and Real Estate.



Contains the following topics:
Drama & Theatre
Hobbies (Autos, Aviation, Cooking, Dancing, Fishing, Gambling, Gardening, Martial Arts, Pets, Plants and Misc.)
Music & Musicians
Star Trek


Politics and Government

Includes: Government, Military, Politics, and California Government.


Information on Computer Companies, Computer Graphics, Programming Languages, Multimedia, Software and User Groups.

Internet Resources

Includes Internet Search Engines.


Includes: Maps, Medicine, Non-Profit Organizations, Philosophy, Religion, Shopping & Restaurants, Travel, Tourist Information, Virtual Tourism, and The World.


News of the Weird

This is what everybody at Lightspeed Software Lives For! News of the Weird is a weekly syndicated column by Chuck Shepherd containing synopses of bizarre news stories reported in various sources and is carried in over 200 newspapers. There is also an "electronic edition" both in the form of a weekly electronic mailing list and an archive accessible via the WWW and ftp. Read this week's column to get an idea of what it is all about. (Note that the online edition is delayed by 2 weeks to give papers a chance to publish it first.)

Software to Access the Internet

Yes, we realize that if you're already here you don't need this software, but this site has Windows and Macintosh software for surfing the net. Give it a look.

A third party site that has especially good access to software.

Internet Software for the Macintosh
Internet Software for Windows

About this web page

The guilty parties unmasked — sort of.

We Know How to Make Clickable Images and Cool Guy Graphics Too

Every graphic artist who gets hold of a web page wants to prove how cool they are by putting clickable images and cool guy graphics everywhere. Well, the May 22, 1995, issue of Interactive Age backed up our position that smaller is better. They said that one of the biggest gripes Internet users have is the time large GIF image files take to load. Clickable images are also cool, but they're problematic because of image size. We just want you to know we know how to do all the cool stuff so if you've got the time (or a T-1 connection), we've got the graphics.

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